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December 23, 2011

Solstice Eve in Hawaii – a vedic fire ceremony to celebrate the return of the light.

December 13, 2011

Tonight – frost and moon and winter stars Tomorrow – sun and citrus and wild poinsettia

December 11, 2011

So grateful for all the loving, lovely people in my life. Thank You!!

December 9, 2011

If you were going to donate to a cause or organization creating a better world for kids – with a focus on global unity – what would it be?

December 9, 2011

Leigh’s recent dramatic lava footage goes national. (He had to hike and sleep overnight on the lava to get it!)

December 4, 2011

Does anyone know the best way to convert AVCHD (MTS) files into a high quality format recognized by iMovie 11?

December 4, 2011

The next 8 Days of Christmas…(you know the tune : ) 5 holiday concerts, 24 music classes, 1 music video & a suitcase to pack & I am free!