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May 14, 2010

Spontaneous picnics are good for the soul.

May 13, 2010

Feels like a vacation! I’m going to take my rock and roll rental car and drive around the island before I pick up my CBC fixated auto from its repairs.

May 13, 2010

Something doesn’t add up here… According to a recent edition of Fortune Magazine, President Obama will end a 26-year-old offshore
drilling moratorium in Hawaii, estimating there are 8 billion barrels of oil in Hawaiian waters… (At the current rate of consumption that is enough oil to last the US about 400 days). But… they will sink money into exploration, they will build the
“necessary infrastructure” – pipelines and refineries – nearby. It will take about 5 years to get things up and running. (For one year’s worth of oil??)

And if the recent BP oil spill concerns you – don’t worry! “No blowout disaster is likely in Hawaii” the report states. “The prevailing trade-winds would simply blow any spill out into the Western Pacific.” (Where it will join the Great Pacific garbage patch?!?)

May 11, 2010

12 hours of email later…. I need a secretary and a neck massage! (A secretary who gives neck massages???)

May 10, 2010

Woodpecker, owl, circles and stories and I am fed by things I did not know I hungered for – faerie stones and memories of mom…

May 6, 2010

Stars are out, frogs are singing and the air is sweet with the scent of cut grass. Time to sink into the beauty of what is and put my petty grievances to bed.

May 4, 2010

Spontaneous outpouring of gratitude… Bending to stoke my fire, food on the stove…. So many have so little. I am blessed.

May 4, 2010

If email were an ecological hazard I’d be a major polluter… but my 24 hour “follow-through” marathon has yielded some results!

May 3, 2010

Is it groveling or persistence when you resend unanswered messages to radio, reviewers, venues etc you have sent your Cd to? Enough of firing things off into the void. Tomorrow I will use the phone!

May 3, 2010

Was going to stack wood but the rain means I get to stay inside and listen to a CBC interview my very funny childhood friend & author Michael McKinley.